Relaxing color combinations for your house

colorsWhen time comes for owning a home, many individuals actually find themselves in a dilemma as to how to paint and decorate the interior.


The whole idea for painting different colors to different rooms serves more than just beautification. This is because the effects of color are subtle and significant but often underestimated. It’s important to note light is the determinant factor regarding the intensity or saturation of a hue. The value of the hue pretty much dictates the mood as we’ll get to learn. The bedroom paint should be soothing or rather dramatic. This of course depends on what you feel you need most. Professionals usually recommend soft, cool colors and neutrals like a blend of blue-gray for people who want to rest at first sight of a bed. Stronger colors like red however are for more intimate audience. This is the accepted color of love.


For kid’s rooms, brighter colors do the trick. A pale shade of pink is ideal for a girl’s room while a deeper shade of blue represents the energy and activeness of boyhood. The living room should feel sociable and stimulating. Warmer, contrasting and somewhat brighter colors add to sociable atmosphere. a blend of orange and yellow usually appeals to the eye. However, some folks prefer a more formal and quiet living room.

A deeper blue or green hue gives more to a formal ambiance For the kitchen and bathroom, white is the color to beat. This represents cleanliness and confidence. This hue portrays brilliance in the tasks handled in the respective rooms. People feel much better with their eyes in full control of the situation in these rooms. Lastly a slight green shade is ideal for a Lounge. It allows the creation of a serene and tranquil environment for total relaxation as well as a studying environment.